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Alert: Sams Club Lowered Prices 35-40% On Nativity Statues. Jesus Is Being Marked Down!


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Sams Club lowered prices 35-40% on Nativity Statues. I was in there just a few days ago eying them out, seeing the 3 piece holy family set for $149 with Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. The 3 Kings set of 3 was $229, then marked down to $199 the other day.

Today I went back in to check, and they lowered the price further. The Holy family dropped to $99. So I bought the holy family. The 3 kings is now marked down to $149. But alas, even that good price I cannot afford it, the stock market was very brutal to me this year, and with staggering losses, and 2 rental units that my Section 8 renters caused

$4500 in damages in each, I just could not do it this year. I am completely at the end of my cash flow.

But at least I got the holy family in time for tonight's drive by of the City of Margate commissioners to vote on displays. Here's a couple of photos below:



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Praise God! I finally got my new 3 wise men to complete the nativity set. I went to Sam's Club to buy this at 7:30 yesterday morning, right after my trip to Macy's.

it was the last one there! I paid only $99 dollars for it, and this was $225 dollars a week ago, and they had marked it down to $150 by 12/22, but I held my ground. I went in on 12/26 and it was about 60% off. They told me someone came in just before me and bought the last 3 Wise Men set that was still in the box, so I bought the loose floor display of the 3 piece wise men set. Here is my one big happy Nativity family! I was thinking of next year building a small wooden barn scene with a plexiglass window to protect them all and have it be the centerpiece of our lawn.


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