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Rouge Lights (channels)

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Ok so this is odd, I added a new song I just got done tweaking. I watched it many times using software. but when I watch the show outside I have a few channels working when they should be off. like I said it all looks perfect on pc but live I have rouge lights. I have checked every connection, tested each channel sepratly using Hardware soft. but still cant figure this out. Please help

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I would recommend checking the following items:

1. Make sure your items are plugged into the correct channel.

2. Check your channel assignments. You may have 2 outside items set to the same channel on accident (i.e. your doorway and the bushes are both set as Controller 1, Channel 11. However, the doorway should be Controller 1, Channel 11, and the bushes should be Controller 1, Channel 12).

3. Depending on which software you are running, it is possible to have multiple "tracks". If you are using multiple tracks, you can typically only see 1 track at a time. So, you may have a second track with those items added there and turning on from the second track.

My suspicions would be drawn to either item 1 or item 2. You didn't mention what type of hardware and software you are using. I personally use LOR, and if you do too, you could use the following steps to try and troubleshoot items 1 and 2 above. To troubleshoot item 1, I would suggest what you already mentioned, the Hardware Utility. Using the hardware utility, you can choose which controller you want to test, and then turn 1 channel on at a time to see exactly what you have plugged into that channel. I would suggest keeping track of which item is plugged into which controller and which channel (I used a spreadsheet for this). Then, if you are using LOR, an easy way to troubleshoot item 2 is to open the sequence which you are having troubles with, and you can click the "Tools" menu, and then choose "Channel Property Grid" from the drop-down. The pop-up will list every line item from your sequence, it will show the color you have selected for that channel, and it will also tell you which controller and channel you have assigned as the item. Then, you can match up the items with your spreadsheet and make sure you don't have 2 items assigned to the same controller and channel.

Good luck!

Edit: What's wrong with rouge lights? I really like the color red, especially for Christmas displays and lights! Or did you mean rogue lights? :P Sorry, I couldn't help myself! Again, sorry for the trouble, and good luck! Let me know if the above doesn't work for you. My issues have always been one of those 3.

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