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Photos Of My New Laser On My Display For 2011


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I finally scored a decent laser from Bliss that shoots out hundreds of laser dots. See photos below, I have it shined on my neighbor's wall.

In between songs when it is real dark, I get gasps from people, and they all agree it's like looking out into a galaxy or the universe start field.

If you look closely at the second photo, just above my neighbor's roof line, above the green dots, you'll see that bright white dot in the sky. That is the planet Saturn.



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Funny story behind the red strap. We rebuilt the megatree last year with threaded metal piping. BUT.... the top 2 feet was still a solid 2" PVC pipe, so we left it. During tear down in January, the eye hook on top of the tree broke off, and the top part of the tree crashed down. We did not notice until we put up the megatree last month, that this 2" pipe at the top had cracked and was weakened. We had no time for repairs, so we attached the red strp to hold the top par tof our tree upright. The damage also prevented us from putting the star back on top of the tree. So we will fix it for next year. We actually captured video of the collapse of out tree, as it fell down from the cherry picker, here it is:

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