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This is not really neighbor relations, but more guest relations, and since the police are only like 2000 feet away at the police station I guess they could be the neighbor in this case. It all started last night (sorry first I had time to get on and post about it) when a lady and man came from a local divison of PATCH some news site and she is the editor and she offered me to enter my house in their deck the house contest. Then about 2 hours later while wrapping presents, a guy rings the doorbell, and I answer, he and his wife saw my display on Tacky Light Tour.com and also the Bill White's Lights In the Valley Light Tour in the Allentown Morning Call. They were from about 40 minutes away, and followed the local tour and got out to take pics at my display and while getting out either him or his wife must have bumped the door lock and accidentally locked themselves out of the car with it running and the 2 year and 18 month old still inside. So I gave them a door hanger to work with while I called the 911 center non emergency number to have the police assist with opening the door, since I know they have the proper equipment. About 5 minutes after I hung up the phone fro the 911 center the cop came over, of course I know them from being with the fire company, he was like once they said it was at your intersection and it was in the parking lot, I knew you were creating some sort of racket (jokingly), he also brings his kids over to watch the lights, half of our cops do and firefighters. We then gave the kids free little toys for coming to see the display. Always something going on weird at my display. Two weeks ago I was out videoing, and about 1/4 mile down the road there was an accident and had to leave for the fire call. Two years ago I had people hit my mailbox twice, while looking at the christmas display. One car it even took the right front fender off the car, gave it a right front flat and jammed the right door. We have a 10 foot steel overhead grate buried about 6 feet in the ground that our mailbox sits on so it just barely bent the mailbox post and we just used steel bars and crowbars to bend it back. So always an interesting day at our display!

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