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So I go to empty the donation box for the end of the night as I am counting up I find this note: http://gebis.dvrdns.org:8082/FTP/Note/Note.pdf Before you keep reading think to yourself what would you think the writers intentions are for writing a note of this nature. So this causes me to stop counting and run up to the camera room to sift threw a nights worth of video.

6 minutes 26 seconds and 10 milliseconds later I have a picture of the offender (close up) dropping the note in the box. Reading the note I thought that this has to be either some really "stupid" adult or a small small kid who wrote a letter like this.

I decided its safest for my Mega-tree to contact the Sheriff to go visit the address and see if the homeowner knows letters are being written like this using his address. Mind you I didn't know that someone who had a display would be acting like a "child". I explained to the officer after he was impressed with my 64 security cameras covering my property, how most people who have displays are in a "circuit" and don't act like this so it might be someone who is trying to cause problems.

After I print out the pictures of the offender and the license plates the officer is on his way to the address on the note. I guess the officer was just as shocked to find out the note writer was the display owner, at the address, who was (believe it or not) 18 years old! The officer explains the situation to the "child" who tells the officer that he was writing the note because he wanted me to come see his display and give him some pointers on how to make his better (what!).

The officer explains to me over the phone how he does not think the "child" will be a threat and that I should not worry or serve a trespass warning. I guess this kid wanted to "compete" with me so he wrote the note as a way of starting a competition?

Heres what I have learned....

My camera system rocks and beats Walmarts to a pulp.

Some people who make these displays send "letters"

This kid asks people who have been involved in multiple car wrecks for tips on how to improve his driving skills. (Get it :) ).

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I would have felt the same way. In fact a couple of weeks ago I watched 4 young girls on my road walk on someones property take rocks out of there yard kicking them up the road back and forth and then cut threw a field so I drove up to see if I could see were they went and sure enough on the adjacent road they are sitting on a porch I get out and they start swinging a plastic samurai sword at me like some ninja so I asked if there mother or father was home and they pointed to the door I knocked asked if these were her kids and told the lady what I saw them doing. she then tells me that that is normal 12 year old behavior and I had no right flowing her kids home knowing I was getting no were I left. About 20 min later the lady shows up at my house and begins to tell me that her kids told her that I was like a foot from them in my car when they weren't even on the same road when I got in my car. I say that's a lie she says her kids do not lie and are straight A students??????back and forth I'm the bad guy???????????

Any way KIDS have no respect for other peoples stuff and you never know what they are going to do esp. when there parents think its ok

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