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Multi Color Led


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Assuming they are still there when stores go to 75% off, I might be able to pick up 50 sets of multi LED's. I am thinking about getting them and converting them to solid color sets. I would be able to make 10 sets each of red, green and blue. There would still be 10 sets each of yellow and gold. Has anyone else done this? What did you do with the yellow and gold lights, I have never seen those colors used in displays very much.

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I have done it, with last year's Walmart LEDs

For Yellow/Orange/Red, you'll need to add resistors to the sets, but Green/Blue/White the set is fine as is.

There's another thread somewhere in the LEDs forum on doing this.

What resistors did you add?

They were 1k-ohm 1/2watt...but last years sets were 60 ct (wired as 2 sections of 30) this year's sets are 50ct. I'm still waiting for Walmart here to go to 75% before getting any of the multi LEDs

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