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I have been thinking of adding a laser light to my display for 2012, and remember a post where paul from CDI was looking at the option fo starting to sell one. People posted that they use them but I could not find any videos showing how they are used. One post said use them in the trees . Anyone have a video and what recommendations for a brand or model. Thankyou

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I think Darlene is talking about the Blisslight Spright, they were demo'd by Blisslights and sold through Reinders, but as you mentioned I could not find them on the Reinders website and Bliss doesn't mention the price. If you email Reinders for a price they will most likely respond, they always come through for me with quick quotes and great products.

I have used the outdoor spright inside for my parties and outside during Halloween and Christmas, they are rugged and add a little something to the display. They are mentioned here




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