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Switch Wiring, Selecting 4 Or 6 Bulbs

Art Ritchie

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Now that things in my life are seeming to settle down, I'm starting to get back into the holiday decorating thing slowly but surely. Hopefully, after nearly three years away from my PC family, I'll be reappearing and making a bigger contribution. Right now, I'm having a problem though with a lighting issue. I want to put some lights in my village. I am using minilights as I have a large surplus of these laying around. My switch is a 3-way switch (ON1-OFF-ON2). I would like ON1 to turn on 4 of the 6 minilights, while switching to ON2 enables all 6 bulbs. I know I could install a dimmer knob and prob make things simpler, but I dont like the look of the 6 dimmed bulbs. I thought I had this figured out, but when I wired it up, all 6 turned on regardless of being in ON1 or ON2. Not sure what I did wrong. I did it on the fly, without sketching it out, at 3 in the morning. It might not be wired up as I drew it out in this pic. Should it work if I did wire it as sketched or do I need to take a different approach? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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