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Rgb Fog Starting To Lift

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Ok after about 500 threads, 10 vids, 200 cups of coffee, 3 sleep less nights I think I might be catching on.

:unsure: My thought process

LOR (S3 advanced)


2 usb connections

1 to usb 485 (1st universe)

1 to Enttec Pro (2nd universe DMX)


1st universe to LOR contollers

2nd universe to DMX controller (with Power injection)


Light show on each


I am looking to purchase the 2801 pixel nodes

The one item that I am still in the fog is the DMX controller for the lights (make, model, ect) :confused:

any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated

If I am way out there please tell me

But I really do think these lights will give an added pop I am looking for


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I personally use the Stellascapes T3 DMX to SPI controller for 2801 based pixels. I know there are others out there including some of the ones from china and some in the DIY community. The planned support of E1.31 into S3 will open up the possibilities for pixels greatly as you'll suddenly be able to use other controllers such as those from Sandevices.

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I had a very similar setup to you in my display last year, except I was using a moving spot light instead of pixels. You can get a controller like this to contact between your Enttec Pro and your pixel strips.


You will need to get a power supply as well. There are a ton of choices when connecting up RGB equipment. I am also trying to learn as much as I can.

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I am looking for a computer based control

Thanks for the info

Looked at the stella scapes but did not see the one from alie and that brings up another ?, as I have to heard LOR will be supporting E1.31 and when they do that it will change the game.

The question now for me is wait and see what will change with the vendors or jump in..............

Not sure how my wife would react wait strike that now am thinking how to heat the dog house with DMX........

Thanks for all the info great stuff

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Use the old incans. LEDs don't give off much heat. :D

LOL wonder on the spacing it does get cold here.......

Checked out each of the two recomended frankly both look the same except for price (to bad they dont show you the insides)

Would you guys know how many nodes they will run?

Just one universe (512 ch)?

They do treat each node as a single channel?

Independant power supply or through the light?

Thanks for all the help

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The DMX driven pixel controllers will generally be one universe worth of pixels. Each node is 3 channels. So you get max 170 nodes per controller. When E1.31 comes along then you can get to controllers that handle more than one universe from a single board. Power is generally provided to the controller (external power supply), then passed through to the pixels via the output. However this is where you can get into re-injecting power downstream if you need to.

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