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Entire Display For Sale

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Okay, the time has finally come for real that I need to sell the display. I have recently moved and started a new job that will not allow time for me to do this any more for the time being. So as much as I appreciate the advice, please, no need to say wait and think about it. wink.gif

So what's for sale?

40+ wireframes. Christmas Done Bright, Loris, etc.

3+ miles of extension cords

700+ sets of LEDs all colors, lengths,

hundreds of sets of incans

25 snowfall tubes

A drive thru tunnel Frame


20+ custom made Peanuts Christmas wood cut outs (ice skating and choir scenes)

So much more.

I want to try and sell this as one big lot. Or in huge chunks at least. No individual strings. I need to sell it ASAP as I can no longer store it.

Please contact me at (830) 992 7646 or [email protected] with serious offers.

This is over $25,000 worth of lights and stuff. Almost all LEDS are brand new in 2011. so only used 1 season. I will consider any offer.

Visit hillcountrychristmaslights.com or facebook.com/hillcountrychristmas for more info on the display

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It's a shame you're way down in Texas and I'm up north in Pennsylvania. I'd be interested in LED's. I do wish you the best of luck in your new job, your area has lost a great attraction. You never know when you might find yourself getting back into it whether it is on a large or small scale.

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