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I tried last season to "repair" the paint on my mega tree super strings (R/G/C). I purchased some glass paint from Michaels and followed the manufacturers recommendations.

Clean bulbs

Prime bulbs

Coat bulb with paint (best results for an even finish is (2) applications)

Let sit and allow to dry (unless you want to put your strings in the oven to hasten the cure)(they will be dishwasher safe)

Quite honestly, unless you need a specific color and/or limited quantity, hope you have a lot

of time and patience on hand.

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I did this last year and it seemed to work ok, but it's only been a year so I can't speak to its longevity.

The lights I painted were novelty lights (holly and poinsettia), so it was more cost effective. I personally wouldn't use this method on minis or even large numbers of lights. Joeengler is right the paint isn't that cheap and the time investment is substantial. If you’re looking for large numbers go for the color caps.

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