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What Colour Should I Use On Wood?


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Hello my friends,

While watching some video's on youtube to help me get inspired for my first LOR display this year, i stumbled on a video where i saw some bell's which i like very much. You can see them in this video. The owner of this house has 3 of them above his garage.

So i started out drawing those out on a piece of wood. Am busy now with drilling the holes where i will putt the led-lights in afterwards. Now before i put the lights in i need to paint the wooden bord first with primer and afterwards with a color. Now the color of the paint is something i am not sure of. Any of you guys got a suggestion? I was thinking of black maybe??

This is the picture of my wooden bord so far...


Thanks for your suggestions!!


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The color is a personal choice. Black would look good. You could also paint it the color of your house, so the plywood blends into the background. Another option would be to paint it so they good during the day; paint the ivy green, darken 1/2 of the leaf with a darker green. The outside of the bells could be silver, gold, pewter color with the inside a darker tone. The knocker could be black.

The shape of your bells and ivy look very good, nice job. Another thought, you could cut off the excess plywood, cut 2" away from the edge of the bell and ivy; it would look a little bit more realistic.

Good luck, I think they're going to look very good.

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Several theories:

Black will make the lines crisper. You see a lot of animated coro is done on black.

White will reflect more light. The coro mini trees are a good example. You will note that the lines will have a softer, fuzzy edge to them.

Painting it the same color as your house/background will make it less obvious in the daytime.

Coloring it in will make it decorative in the daytime.

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That's a lot of very useful information, thank you very much everybody.

I was looking at holdman's webpage today and stumbled up on his page about his bethlehem star. I noticed he also painted the wooden board black. So i was thinking about doing the same thing. I know it will look less obvious during day time but shure will look great during the show.

Now reading cacoulter's reply i've got my doubts again between black and white...

So i painted the board with primer, which is white and after this first layer dryed up, i found out i didn't like it in white so... black it is.

Again thank you very much for the reply's and getting me off my doubts. Will post a picture once it is finished. A video will be added later on once my LOR controllers have arrived.

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Well after 2 months waiting for the lights, due to the flood in china, they finally arrived last week. Couldn't wait to finish this and the result looks pretty good.

I followed the advise of cacoulter and painted the board black. In the dark the lines really do come out very good.

I got 300 clear white leds for each clock and 350 green leds for the leaves. They are on 3 channels on the LOR controller.

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