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  • Tinsel was invented in 1610 in Germany and was once made of real silver.
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  • ‘Jingle Bells’ – the popular Christmas song was composed by James Pierpont in Massachusetts, America. It was, however, written for thanksgiving and not Christmas.
  • Coca-Cola was the first company that used Santa Claus during the winter season for promotion.
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  • The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine. A few years later, Pope Julius I officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on that day.
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Sequence Builder For Rgb Targets. Meighan.net/seqbuilder/index.php

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Hi all;

I thought i posted a thread here on the new tool i am building, i guess not.

I am developing a tool to create math models as the source and project it onto target RGB models. These could be mega-trees, matrix panels, and other RGB displays.

The tool is web based and will export data for LOR, Vixen and LSP (when i am done).

You can see the tool here http://meighan.net/seqbuilder/index.php

What makes this tool work is that i find out where every pixel you have exists in x,y,z space. In order to do that , i need to give you the ability to model your trees.

I have a new release of code that will build the target models


Please give any feedback on if this looks like it will cover your megatree.

I have imported 1800 names from DLA and 1000 names from LOR and seeded the database. I dont have email or passwords, just the login names seen in the member list. If you do not find your login you can send me a PM OR you can use 'guest' password 'welcome1' to just play with the from.

All accounts currently have the password "welcome1".

So here is what i plan.

This page has a mysql db backend.

I expect you to be able to describe your tree with the prompts i currently have.

After you save the form , your tree will be saved under your name.

Some caveats.

1) The actual target models wont show up for you yet.

2) You cannot edit the model after you save it. Edit capability will come next week

3) I will export the models each day so that i can reload them as i am changing the database DDL. In other words, you wont lose what you enter.

I really dont think it will be that big of a deal since i think you can describe your tree in less than 60 seconds using this form.

I will be adding the ability to have other topographies. One that i saw on Madrix is what they call the snake. This means you could go up and down 5 times , for example. I will add that later, I think i cover what most of you do.

I have prototyped scrolling text on the source cone, so that will be coming out after i get the xml files out. I needed this model to continue my tests.

If someone is able to put their tree in matching your actual tree, please let me know. Ill use those in my testing cases.



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This looks very promising! I'm interested since I'll probably be heading towards RGBs this year and can see that magnitude of programing.

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New version of rgbsb has new target models. I have redesigned the graphic engine. It is now 10 times smaller and faster on the web page. I have built the spirals with chromatic colors, snowflakes, random pixels, meteors. Scrolling text is about ready to be released.

There is a new web address also, http://meighan.net/rgbsb/





The rgbsb tool is made up of 3 parts

1) Library of effects for RGB devices. You see this at http://meighan.net/rgbsb (NOTE! bookmark this new web link). I expect this library to get to be into the hundreds. One thing to note , each of my models (spirals, snowflakes, .etc.) have many variables that change the final output. When I finish the tool , there will be slider bars allowing you to make a near infinite combination of effects. All of the variables are there, they just are not exposed to the user yet.

2) A tool to allow you to model your megatree into rgbsb. I call this the target model generator. This tool has a mysql database so that peoples' models can be stored and retrieved. This tool is http://meighan.net/rgbsb/main_login.php. I opened this tool up for a few days last week. I got feedback that helped me to go and address some issues. This tool is currently offline while i work on the database.

NOTE! Change in web page URL

3) The last thing the tool does is take your target model and the RGB effects you selected from the library, it then produces an xml file for LSP, Vixen or LOR.

Currently , I have LOR producing a LMS file and importing with no errors. I am in the midst of making an xml file for Vixen. I have not started on LSP.

So for step #1, you can continue to feed me more ideas for effects to go into the library.

Send me a link to a video and the time stamp of the effect you want me to add.

something like in this video http://....., please make rgbsb support

the effect banded vertical 1:47.3 to 1:53

the effect horizontal chase 1:11 to 1:22

Step #2 should come back by this weekend and then you can try creating your RGB megatree.

Step #3, i have asked for anyone who might have a Vixen 2.1 vix file and a video of their display. I can then continue to work on creating the xml output for Vixen. I dont expect to finish that for at least a few weeks.

Eventually i plan on supporting Vixen 2.1.1 and Vixen 3, LOR S2 and LOR S3 and LSP 2 (maybe LSP 1.8).

You can imagine the exponential increase in work for me to supply all of these xml forms. A possible side benefit later this summer is i am thinking i will be able to cross transform between any two sequencers.

we will see


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Well, just as i was getting ready to go to bed, i got an idea about how to project pictures onto the tree.

I took the image i use for my avatar (99x139 pixels in a png file) and wrote a new model, picture projection onto the tree.

This means i will be able to also project movies. The problem is getting the resolution small enough. In this case i divided each axis by 5 and just took the rgb value. Better would be to average them, to enhance them, .etc.

But for a first past, not bad



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on the DLA forum, people have said my tool name rgbsb sucks.

I agree, my name sucks.

I have signed up for the Academy, I may speak about rgbsb (or whatever) we call it by then. I expect i should have all three sequencers working. I hope movies are done. I expect i will get the physics effects (snowstorms, fireworks, waves) finished.

I have an idea of how to sequence multiple effects one to the next. This sort of gets this to be more like a sequencer.

I'll let you in on a secret, it has always been my plan,for myself, to pass in a timeline with beats and create most of the rgb sequencing and then bring back the whole thing and use Vixen or LSP to sequence the rest of the front yard for the non rgb stuff.

In other words, i haven't envisioned this as one effect, one import. Another effect, another import. This vision is probably going to be done by end of summer or fall.

But who knows, sometimes things go faster than i expected.

I am open to any name.

So what would be a good name to replace rgbsb (A clunky name, i admit)? Programmers are not marketing

Being that my tool spans all the sequencers , i currently am posting the same message in 6 threads

Since i started the tool , there have been approx 3700 views on the threads.

Half of these view hits have occurred since releasing the new effects (I started Feb 21?, seems longer ago than that). Over the last 3 days, these are views per thread

PlanetChristmas: 129

DLA LSP Group: 371

DLA Vixen Group: 335

DoitYourselfChristmas: 634

LOR: 467

AusChristmas: 167

Here are the 6 threads i post to






I have got valuable feedback from all of the groups. I dug this hole "I will support all sequencers", i will deliver on the promise by summer.

So any ideas of what to replace rgbsb with?


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Beautiful. I told my husband to look at this thread. We are looking to change how we do our Mega Tree and this might be it! I like the creativity of it.

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Don't worry about it, If Thomas Edison had listened to everyone we might still be in the dark.

I would love to see this in person and talk through it, we have been thinking about about going to the Academy. Just need to finish our plans, we are going to link what ever we do whit a trip to see our daugther in Seattle. I know they are also planning a mini but the Academy is starting to sound like the better choice.

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Sometime this summer I want to make up some vimeo tutorials for rgbsb. I want to make sure people can see how to use the tool. I do plan on having a user manual by June.

One advantage of having rgbsb be web based is u can run it from iPad. The animations do not move as fast, but u still can visualize your future display.

I have modified my software thru the iPad while at Starbucks.

I now work 100% from home, even though my office is just 15 minutes away. I like that I can take my twin 10yo boys to school, be there when they come home. The disadvantage is the office is never far away,

The amount of time I have to spend on rgbsb is directly related to what projects I am working on at oracle. My work expertise is the visual display of quantative data, predictive performance monitoring, and other such things. This made a sort of perfect match for developing software for a visual tree. I have enjoyed it so far. Hard to imagine, I started writing the rgbsb software 5 weeks ago. This last week has been pretty intense. There have been 4000 views of the threads on rgbsb over the last 5 weeks, 2000 of those occurred over the last 5 days.

I am not sure what rgbsb is going to turn into, it has morphed a lot just in the last week.

The goal has not changed, I would like to have some rgb devices in my 2012 Christmas display and I don't want to program them manually.


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Released new target builder code Feb 27

This release now has

1) editing (yeah!). Click on a model name and it will load the form, edit and save. Still dont have the ability for you to delete models.

2) a unit of measure (inches or cm)

3) There is a summary at the bottom for the form showing what sequencers the users want to support.

4) Changed fields to light blue in form. I had a hard time seeing where i should type.

5) Fixed bug where "How will you build your tree" = UP/DOWN 180 was not working.

6) modified wording of this prompt.

old: **Total number of Pixels on this string

new: **Total number of Pixels on this string (Note, this is NOT the total pixels on your tree, just the count on one string):

Some people had inputted the total pixel count of their tree. Sorry, if it was not clear.

The hyperlink for editing was not complete and caused people to have a blank user name. I believe this is now fixed since editing should work.


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I like it A LOT!! I have not taken a look at the actual program, so my question might sound stupid. Can you sequence/choreograph the lights to the music instead of just using patterns all the time? Can everything be timed PRESISELY to the music? This is a VERY important feature for me, and a determining factor when deciding if I'm going to jump into the RGB scene or not.

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Hi all;

All of the original mega tree targets on the web page were 32 strands of lights, each strand had 35 pixels.


i am getting ready to release the next phase of rgbsb.

Phase 1) user can create a target modeling their tree. DONE

Phase 2) User will select from the effects classes (Spirals, Bands, text, Pictures, Meteors, .etc.) , customize the effect and save it in their private library. IN PROGRESS. Probably will be finished within next 7 days.

Phase 3) User select a target model and and effect and produces an animated GIF. IN PROGRESS, This is 75% complete, it will come one oine within next 14 days. This will be a big deal for the users. With this release you can try hundreds of effects on your tree and get a visual idea of what different effects look like. I think this ability to simulate your tree will be popular.

Phase 4) User now chooses to output their data into an xml file for the 3 different sequencers. 2-12 weeks.

I will also start writing a user manual when Phase 3 comes online.

So to give you an idea of what this might look like, i built a different target model. Instead of 32 strands x 35 pixels, here is effects projected onto a 48 strand by 60 pixel tree.

6 spirals, 100ms delay, only show front half of tree


The pictures, as expected, project with better clarity.







And finally, text looks better


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Another question...How tall are these mega trees?

I assumed 3.5" spacing between nodes, so the tree was 207" or about 17' tall

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So if I read this right, your 2nd rendering had 48 strings * 60 lights per string=2880 lights * 3 channels per light = 8640 channels? And 8640 channels / 512 per universe = 16.875 universes. Sorry I just spent the past 5 hours reading about DMX because I want to go that route soon.

So if I wanted to replicate what you did there, that's what I'd need. It looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I WANT IT SO BAD! lol great work.

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So if I read this right, your 2nd rendering had 48 strings * 60 lights per string=2880 lights * 3 channels per light = 8640 channels? And 8640 channels / 512 per universe = 16.875 universes. Sorry I just spent the past 5 hours reading about DMX because I want to go that route soon.

So if I wanted to replicate what you did there, that's what I'd need. It looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I WANT IT SO BAD! lol great work.

Yes, it would be 8640 channels where i need to output one byte of info for each frame.

So if you have a 50ms frame time, 20 frames per second and have a 10 second line frame for each of the 8640 channels i need to output 200 different values.

I, BTW, have the first pass of a Vixen output file ready to test. Vixen allows sending it a matrix of values, one line per channel, space delimited rgb values per line

Here was thread:

Ok, here is first pass of a vixen vir file


This file should make a picture that looks like this


This was the target


target_name AA

total_strings 10

pixel_count 80

pixel_length 240.00

unit_of_measure in

topography UP_DOWN_NEXT

And here was effects settings


username f

user_target AA

effect_class spirals

effect_name VIXEN_VIR_TEST

handiness r

number_spirals 4

number_rotations 2

spiral_thickness 2

window_degrees 180

start_color #FF147A

end_color #FFF712

frame_delay 5

direction cw


use_background y

background_color #80FF84

sequence_duratio 6.5

submit Submit Form to create your target model

I am not releasing the code yet , because any bigger trees uses up all the memory. I will need to put the effect models you create into a database also.

I dont know vixen well enough to see how to load this

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