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Did you ever wonder why that spare replacement bulb for that burned out incandescent bulb didn't quite fit into the socket? Over the last few years, I've purchased from multiple sources and I grouped my spares into cigar boxes labeled 40 watt, 24 watt, super-bright, multi-colored, bases only, etc.

Even then, I pick one out of the box, and it doesn't fit the socket. Either way too loose, or it won't go in at all. Here's why!! I decided to go through my "bases only" box, and I came up with 19 different bases and that doesn't include those that are white. Yes, a few may be interchangeable and I'm sure you can find some I don't have pictured here, but I thought you'd find this a little interesting.



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That's one of the things that used to drive me crazy with incandescent's. Sometimes you would get lucky and have the right one but most of the time I would find myself filing down the plastic to get the base to fit in a socket. Now that I use LEDs, I only do that with extension cords! :wacko:

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I'm more worried about how many of those bases I recognize, and I know exactly what strands they go to.

I may have some issues.

That was exactly my thought as I looked at the picture.

If I don't have a matching bulb/base in the spare bin, I do as was mentioned above. I pull the bad bulb out of its base, carefully take the good bulb out of its base, and swap them around. Then I just throw out the extra unmatching base. I used to keep piles of them, but every time you replace a bulb, you just reuse the same base anyway. The extras are rarely much use to me.

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