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Your Opinion On These Lights I Bought From China?

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Bought some lights in china throug ebay and aliexpress like the ones in the picture below.


Now i've read on the vendor's page they are "waterproof" so i tested them with hosing them with lots of water. Off course i've protected the powerplug and controllerbox so only the lightbulbs and wires get wet. No problem at the time, the lights stayed on as did the power, no short circuit.

Now about a month and a half later i was checking out the wires and found them on 50% of the 10 meter string to start rusting. So if i will be using them in my christmas display this year i'm afraid they won't last another season.

So my question is if anybody else here has been using these lights in their display and had the same problems?

And also maybe anybody here has some better adresses for me for buying light strings?

Thank you so much for your answers.

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Those look like the 'fairy' lights listed on ebay and my experience with them is that they are unreliable. I liked the flexibility of the wire in the cold and how that made it easy to take the shape of the bushes but after a rain storm or two the "waterproof" controller no longer worked. Also the plugs and/or adapters they give you with them in simple terms are crap. I use mine in the garage with whatever diarama I design that year. In order for me to recommend anyone, how many lights are you looking for?

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In my experience with these types of lights, especially from China and such, Is that they will rust very quickly and last no longer than one season. Personally i would steer well clear of them. Never compromise price over quality.

I've found LED strings made with rubber cable and sealed LED's will last for many seasons.


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Thanks for the reply's. I've bought about 4000 from these lights allready and still 2000 are on there way. 3200 of them are used in 2 arches i've made. Will use them for this year's display and will have to replace them next year but that's a problem i can solve next year.

So for this year i'm looking for about 14.000 led light. Found one seller on ebay but that are mini lights, not leds and the shipping cost is to expensive. About 65$ for 1000 lights (10 strings of 100 lights).

The lights shown by paultoole look very decent to me (btw, thans for the information paultool and urthegman!!). Anybody has experience with these lights.

@Jholmes : Any led strings you can offer me will do fine as long as they are... waterproof :)

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Hello Tremor, i Live in Europe (Belgium) so 220V will do fine :)

The LOR controllers have also been pre-configured to 220V by light-o-rama.

Btw Tremor, your video's is one of the first i stumbled on on youtube and wich also started me this addiction, so.... thanks lool :pppp

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