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Buils A Rgb Mega Tree


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Hi all.

I’ve got a question about building a RGB Mega Tree. Last year I made a Mega Tree using strands of red C7 LEDs. I attached one end of each string to the top of the tree and ran the bottom around a stake in the ground and then back to the center pole. It looked OK but each LED was pointing in a different direction. This year I want to build a Mega Tree using RGB strings and I want the lines of lights to be clean and straight but I am concerned about the orientation of the LEDs. How can these strings be attached so that the LEDs will stay pointed out from the center of the tree? What form factor of LED strings would work best for the application?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Walter, I'm looking to do the same this year. How did you orient the pixels to all be facing in one direction and not blowing around in the wind? I was planning on using electrical EMT, but think it would be heavy and not enough hooks on the tree topper. I noticed that your tree topper is a little large, so you have to be using some type of pipe to require that much room. Can you share any pictures or details? Thx!

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Wayne ,

The pixels are attached to polyester banding material which is tensioned between a topper and a bottom ring. We are preparing a detailed tutorial about the Colormotions tree which will be posted here in about a week. Any specific questions you have , please email me at [email protected]

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