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Ways To Support Coro In High Winds


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I purchased a Coro tombstone from Holiday Coro for our 2012 Halloween Display and I love it. The problem is I live in the Texas Panhandle with lots of extreme wind. It is not uncommon for there to be 40 -70mph wind gusts here any given day of any given week. This tombstone will not last 5 min. without decent support. I thought of an angle iron frame but my welder says it won't bend in the semi-circle on the top of the tombstone. Does anyone have any ideas?? I would love to buy 7 more of these if I can get them to survive the wind gusts.

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Go to the local hardware store and buy two lengths of angle iron (or galvanized) (or one piece and cut it in half). Hammer two into the ground so that the coro piece will lie flat against the iron. Using a knife, cut a small slit in the coro. Use a heavy duty zip tie to secure to the angle iron.

You will not lose your coro. Place the iron so that it doesn't interfere with the lights.

edit: you can bend angle iron as you need it. If you have a long enough piece, simply put it beneath a tire of a car or truck and bend it to the shape you need.

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