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Cat-5 Dangles


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Hi just got my order from cat-5 dangles .com . I got two sets to try out they are cat-5 cables female on one end male on the other end they are used in the light o rama controllers to connect the caT-5 CABLE BETWEEN CONTROLLERS .the cables extend outside box so you can plug cables in without opening the door .should be great in the cold of winter they for sale on ebay check them out.

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I just wrote to Monoprice asking if they could add this cable to their selection. Maybe if enough of us asked they would come up with their typically low price product. $20 a pair is a little pricey.


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As Jeff pointed out:



And that is $0.91 each, plus shipping.

The coupler I linked to above is NOT Cat5 Shielded. While I have used these in the past, I have not used them, on LOR or RS-485. From everything I have read, they should work just fine.

If you want Cat5 and are willing to spend the extra $1.50 each, get this.

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what the heck is a cat-5 dangle???

It is a short CAT5 cable, male to female. It is long enough so that when you plug the male end into the LOR controller, the female end will be outside the enclosure. Now you no longer have to open the enclosure to disconnect the cables.

What I am trying to figure out is what so difficult about opening the enclosure?

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