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2012 Poll, Weekends Franktronics Can Host The Mini

Guest Franktronics

2012 Poll, Weekends Franktronics can host the mini  

  1. 1. Would be interested in attending the mini at Franktronics in Gloucester, VA

    • Yes
    • No, too far away.
  2. 2. Could attend any of the following weekends (may select more than one)

    • Saturday, May 5th
    • Saturday, May 19th
    • Saturday, May 26th
    • Saturday, June 2nd
    • Can not attend any of the proposed dates

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I sure hope nobody posts that it is too far. I am coming from Florida to attend the meeting. Now if it is June 2nd I will be there for two weeks. If it is in May I will have to make two trips. One for the mini and to see my newborn granddaughter due May 13th and one to see my Granddaughter in Williamsburg graduate. June would be perfect for me to attend, go see my new granddaughter then stick around for my oldest Granddaughters graduation. I will attend even if I have to make two trips. I really need to see when the mini is here in Florida.

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Guest Franktronics

I have sent out a bunch of email that I had from a couple of years ago from the mini. I'm also getting responses ack from that.

If anyone knows someone, not on Planet christmas that might be interested, please PM the email address to me.


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Guest Franktronics

Both the Christmas Planet Poll and the Email's I got back have May 19th as the favored weekend.

Here are the Polls as of this morning:

Planet Christmas Poll:

  1. Saturday, May 5th
  2. Saturday, May 19th
  3. Saturday, May 26th
  4. Saturday, June 2nd
  5. Can not attend any of the proposed dates

Email Poll:

  1. Saturday, May 5th -3 votes
  2. Saturday, May 19th -5 votes
  3. Saturday, May 26th -3 votes
  4. Saturday, June 2nd -2 votes
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