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Dept. 56 Dickens Collection -- For Sale

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Hello all,

I have several pieces of the Dept. 56 Dickens Collection for sale. All of the pieces are in their original boxes and packaging with only a couple having some slight box damage. I would prefer to sell the complete lot together and I do have photos of everything listed which I will be happy to send along if someone is interested. Please send me a PM if you are interested and care to make an offer on the set or would like more information.

The items included are listed below:

- Kings Road Post Office

- Hembleton Pewterer

- Mr. & Mrs. Pickle

- Ashbury Inn

- T. Puddlewick Spectacle Shop

- Lomas Ltd. Molasses

- Cottage of Bob Cratchet & Tiny Tim

- Boarding & Lodging School

- Fezziwig's Warehouse

- The Flat of Ebenezer Scrooge

- Tutbury Printer

- Browing Cottage

- Great Denton Mill

- Knottinghill Church

- Kingsford's Brew House -- box damage

- Scrooge & Marley's Counting House -- box damage

- Bumpstead Nye Cloaks & Canes -- box damage

- Victoria Station -- slight box damage

- WM Wheat Cakes & Pudding

- Dursley Manor

- Old Michael Church

- Fagin's Hide-a-Way

- Nephew Fred's Flat


- Christmas Carol Spirits (set of 4)

- English Post Box

- Carolers on the Doorstep

- Churchyard Fence Extensions

- Fire Hydrant and Mailbox

- Lamplighter Accessory Set

- Churchyard gate and fence

- Battery Operated Street Lamp Set -- 60 inch

- Heritage Village Lamp Post set of 4 -- battery operated

Happy shopping and please remember that shipping would also be determined on where you are located.

Thanks and please send me a message with questions or offers.

All the best,



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To be honest, I know how much each one is worth individually, but because I am a member of Planet Christmas, I would like to try to have another member purchase the entire set if they are interested. Would be willing to entertain offers for the entire lot of about $1,200.00 OBO.

Hope this helps!


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