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Ham2012 Registration Is Open

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The HAMmers' website has now been updated to include the two-day agenda, as well as the ability to register for this great event.

That's right, now we will be starting with a hands-on class Friday afternoon. And Friday night we will be having a light show that will include the battle of the floods, lights that is. The light show will follow the first of three catered meals.

So click on over to the website, check out all that will be offered this year, and register. Looking forward to another great turnout.

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Any updates, have lots of people signrd up.

Mel, we've had a positive response, but there is still time for others to register.

We look forward to your attendance this year, along with your spouse.

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You haven't met me yet Lyman, but Mel has, and yes I am registered for both days. Looking foward to meeting you, and seeing the Wichita guys I met a few months back. I'm leaving for Lawrence in the morning to have a pre-HAM with a handful of guys at Zach's house.

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