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Owie, I Need Cheering Up ....

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Oh so sorry on the repair work but you know a tune up is needed every once in awhile

The PC cure all

1st - One tub of ice cream of your fav - (yogurt works also)

2nd - A DVD of your best of all time christmas movie

3rd - Shut all communication devise's off (no exceptions)

4th - Wrap or get your hands on the old snuggely planket

5th - Dress thy self in ye old comfort clothing as possible

6th - Relax and be taken away into Good thoughts ville


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Did John sweep you off your feet to bring you in the house? Or did he make you crawl in?

Should give you plenty of time to set up some new LOR programs. I keep saying I'm going to get my LOR controller set up. Been saying that for about 4 years now. It is still setting in my shop. Kathy has been talking about setting up our arches on the fence to be chasing and more animated.

Take care of yourself.

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Thank you for all the fun comments. they made me laugh, which I needed. No, John didn't sweep me off my feet to cause the foot 1problems! But he's doing a great job of taking care of me and our household duties, so that is definitely working to sweep me off my feet! Now that I know he can do it all.....well, you can guess the rest!

A Tub of Ice Cream sounds great!

I have one more tune-up planned. I don't know if it will be this year or next, but I'll have my Whine ready to go! ha.

Thanks everyone!

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