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C7 Led versus Normal C7

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I was going to be buying Normal strands of C7 lights but thought maybe about going C7 LEDs this year. For those of you who that have tested and seen C7 leds, how is the brightness compare to a normal C7 bulb?

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This year I'm switching out my regular C9s to LED C9s Replacements. I rec'd them yesterday, and took a section of my Roof Line string and replaced all the bulbs with the new C9 LEDs.

They look very bright, but very different to the regular C9s. But this year, I will only need 4 channels to do the work that needed 12 last year for the roof line animation. (I had a 4 color chase up there, but due to the wattage of normal C9s I had to split them across 12 channels to get the job done with my LOR.)

Last year, I used C7 strands purchased as Costco on two large trees. They looked great, but once again, it would have taken much more amperage to do the same thing with normal C7s.

I think most people would say they look dimmer. But most of that reason is due to the lack of a "hot center" that one sees inside a typical incandescent bulb. Leds use a reflector bulb over the LED to disburse their light. And the angle of the bulb changes the amount of reflection you see from the LEDs ... thus at some angles the LEDs look dimmer than when they are in other positions. Example, one of my C9 LEDs with the tip angled slightly towardmy eyes, looks much brighter than when you look at them from the side.

Input here suggests that when I put them up this year, I will not have them point straight up.

As for last years C7 LED strands, I will be using them again, but will be loading most of them on one big tree -- and very densely. People really like the multi-color strands of the C7 LEDs.

Finally: Some of the LED colors are very striking in comparison to their incandescent counterparts. The Blue LED is awesome, for example.

Hope this helped, but there are a couple people here who have provided me with a great deal of input ... and I'm sure they'll add to this conversation.

All the best,


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Thanks for the input Tom B. Where did you buy your LEDs? Like Greg Young was talking about, how many LEDs are in yours?

I have seen some cheap LED C7 lights but they only have 1 LED and I am guessing that that will be a lot dimmer than a normal C7.

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I bought my C9 LED Replacements from Paul Sessel at Creative Displays -- I cannot confirm the number of LEDs inside them ... but I think it is 5.

The C7 strands that I have I bought from Costco last year ... I believe that theywere made by Forever Bright ... C7 100 light strands, hardwired (cannot replace the bulb).

Paul also sells a C7 LED Preplacement bulb too ... but it didn't see on the website how many LEDs ithas in each bulb.

I'm sure, though, if you asked Paul he would be happy to tell you.



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I am guessing your got the bulbs that screw into a normal C9 120ac string? I would really like to go this way so I could mix and match bulbs down the road but it just seems so expensive at $1.40 a bulb. Plus I would have to buy the strings and now we are talking over $1.50 a foot (based on 12" spacing) . I plan on doing three different colors on my house which is going to be about 700 feet. At that rate it is going to cost about $1,000 using this method.

I have been looking at another vendor where the cost is about 45 cents a foot with C9 or C7 LED lights (but they are not removable). This would put me in the $350 range.

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Tom B. wrote:

Darn it you did the math ... How can I live in denial and ignorant bliss if you DO THE MATH.

Maybe I can sell a kidney ...


I am not exactly sure how the bulbs work but LEDs are DC based and I wondering if each bulb converts the AC to DC. This would add a lot of cost in production of these bulbs.

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