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I'm looking for a source for 2, 3 & 4 channel mini controllers. Just a simple cycle controller that comes on when powered up and continuously repeats the same cycle. No programming needed. For example, to make a dog's tail wag back and forth or a Santa's hand waving. I need several so looking for an economical solution.

Second question, does anyone know how to fix the above controllers which have stopped working?

Thanks for you help.

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I've had several ight controllers fail over the years.And after many hours of frustration,I finally decided to take one to a friend who happens to be an electrical engineer.Long story made short--he said the units couldn't be repaired,and that's the way the manufacturer planned it.So,I replaced a few controllers with new ones from a vendor that sells my wireframes;now I have a new problem.The new units will not "remember"the speed setting from the previous day;therefore I have to reset them each and every day.AAARRRGH!!!

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I am also looking for a simple 3 channel chase controller (run chasing lights around a marquee). I can find these that are rated for 150 watts or so, but I need about 400-500 watts per channel. It seems that this jump goes from about $20 to over $100. In the meantime I've just created a simple chase with a LOR controller - overkill, but it works. If anyone is aware of higher wattage 3 channel chase controllers, I'd love to know.


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Below are a few links to convert a NOMA controller liked used on the chasing lights set for use on other items like a Santa waving his hand. Due the power draw you will have to be careful if not using a relay switch. I was able to use one a few years ago to make a spiralling tree with LED lights and not overheat the controller too badly.

The last link shows how to build a 6 channel relay switch from a 6 outlet power strip.




Good luck and have fun.


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