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Bending Question


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I have a project that I am working on that requires several "hangers". Picture a 24" piece if .25" round bar. I need to bend the last inch of each end over into a "J" hook. It need to be able to hang on a piece of .25" round.

I have been looking at compact metal benders, I have not been able to find one that will make that sharp of a bend. I don't want to do the two pipe method as I need a little more precision in the bends.

Does anyone have a recommendation?

Does anyone want to make me an offer on making these?

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Heat the end of the bar stock(I assume steel) with a hand torch(propane or Mapp). When the steel begins to turn from black/blue to dark red/orange grab the end with pliers and make the bend. (I use lineman's pliers) You can gauge the opening by where you grab the rod in the pliers jaws. (smaller bend near the tip of pliers, bigger bend toward the fulcrum. True up the opening with a hammer and short piece of the .25 rod. I don't suggest you "quench" the hot steel as it might make it brittle (hard). I had a project that needed a bunch of these and the longest part of the process was waiting the 2 to 3 minutes for the hand torch to heat the end. Sorry I won't make them for you, postage too much, and it's actually very easy to do.

Good Luck!

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Drill a hole in te end of a 2X4 to the depth you need for the J hook end and stick the rod in the hole and bend it over to the side of the 2X4.


If you need a really tight bend get two lag bolts place them in the side of a 2X4 and bend the bar around the bolts. Set the bolts at the distance you need to make the tight bend. You may have to cut the lag bolt heads odd to get the rod off.


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