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Does Anyone Know What Is Going On At Lsp

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Does anyone know what is going on over at LSP...

He made a blog post last week about a 50% off sale, but every evening when I get home the sale price isnt there,

I have contacted him several times and get post in the middle of the day that it is working. Tonight I get a message from

him that the purchase page has been fixed but it is back to regular price and he has taken down his blog post about a sale

in effect till july 31.....

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Checked on another site, and one of the posts said that LSP had to pull the sale to fix some software buga and it should be back up within a week. that was on the 20th. Hope they fix it soon as alot of people are trying to buy it at the sale price..

Basic version: Now $69

Advanced version; $149

Professional Version:$ 229

That is what the sale should be with a free upgrade to 2.5

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He is out of town, but the people I refered to LSP are not willing to spend $400.00 on software for their displays.( that is for Pro version ) $ 249.00 For 8192 channels. They were going to buy the Pro @ $ 229.00. One of the people that I referred sent me a link to HLS software which is free. It looks pretty good, Haven't had much time to play with it yet, I have read some good things about it though on different forums. 2 things that stood out 1) it doesn't tax you processor as hard as LSP 2) It works with Nutcracker

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