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Mega Tree Base


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I got a new mega tree pole from my neighbor this past year. I would like to use it as it was a commercial grade pole made from stainless steel form a hospital. When he had it the tree had a nice base that was 4'x4' and was 3/4' thick steel with a steel tubular ring. Unfortunately he fell on tough times and scrapped everything but the pole. So I have this really nice 20' pole that I need to figure out the best way to set up and put lights on it. I have though about Walter Monkhouse's portable hole as ab option. My biggest problem is getting the lights on. It has a nice topper that has a place to screw in the star, which I have.

I am attaching 4 pics so everyone can see what I have to work with. As you can see the bottom has two holes so it can be bolted to something. It was originally bolted to 2 L brackets welded to the base.

In the middle it is tapered. Thought about cutting it in half so I could telescope it up.

The topper has 32 cable loops for attaching lights and a threaded hole for th star.

So my problem is two fold. 1. how to set up the center pole. @ the best way to string the tree 20 feet up?

I do not want to do anything permanent. I could dig a hole and put in a PVC sleeve like I have now with my other two megas but still have to string it. Plus the pipe is pretty think in diameter, it would be a big hole. I do not think a lift is an option for me yet, $$$ is the problem.





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Two theories on bases for a pole.

1. Create a base that will support the pole on it own

2. Use guy wires to support the post and just have the base keep the pole from sinking/moving

The Portable Hole or a PVC pipe set in cement would so great for #1. The Portable Hole could be modified to either provide a sleeve to fit the pole into, or a pin to fit the pole around.

For #2, get a 6" piece of 2x6 with a 1/2" hole in the center. Drive a 2' length of rebar half way into the ground. Slide the 2x6 over it. Stand the pole up over the rebar.

Without a hook head and pulley system, you are going to need a cherry picker, a really tall step ladder or a Monkeyrack

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Walter I will email you soon. My PC is down and I am working on an alod Dell dimension PC till mine is back up and running.

I think the base will be the least of my problems, I just need to figure out how to string it with a 20ft pole. I like the monkeyrack, it could work.

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