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Seasonal Depression?

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Hey guys been awhile since i been posting but im always around checking things out!! My question is do any of you guys suffer from seasonal depression? When i say this i guess im not talking the actual clinical depression but then again maybe Iam..heres my thing I hate hate dark and gloomy days Its honestly hard for me to even get out of bed.I live in chicago and seems that we have 8 months of not so nice days here..every single year january till about may im just in a funk, christmas ended, and not much to look forward to and were stuck in the house..come june im happy as can be because its summer and we can be outside and all the sunshine just perks me up like a flower, about aug i get the christmas ITCH..christmas starts clogging up my pandora, im stalking the shelfs at hobby lobby like its my job to take there inventory lol..im so happy and excited for christmas and all is well then come dec 26th im back in to sad gloomy mode..So am I suffering from seasonal depression or am i just a normal christmas freak and others out here can relate to me...

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Same here, till this year. Work on your display for the following year. At least 1 project per month.

This year I am focusing a little more on halloween and that has consumed me since Febuary.

I am a cutout fanatic so I always have something to do. If you're a LOR user than your plate is full enough and any other project is just desert.

If you ask a headshrinker, they will tell you its seasonal, if you ask us here, your a normal christmas freak.

Hope it helps.

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i absolutely relate and I live in an area of the country where the temperature stays above 70 most of the year, and the city SHUTS DOWN if we even think there is a possibility that it may snow. I am a school teacher so summers are extra special to me because it means I have uniterupted time off with my wife and kids. Then end of july comes, school starts and I'm ready for Christmas. I also make the regular Hobby Lobby runs. I have also have developed a great relationship with my Lowes guy who lets me see their Chirstmas planograms and product list when he gets them first of August. He also gives me the ship dates so I know when it all comes in. Then there is the build up. I starts in september with the prep for the Halloween show which runs form oct 1st throught the 31st. Halloween night as we give out candy we start decorating the inside of the house for Christmas, there is no thanksgiving at our house. About mid November the outside starts and by black friday we are ready for the big show, again we consider the thanksgiving meal our carbo load for the mad push to finish the lights. December is filled with family, our anual trip to Disney World and the Christmas. The festivities ususally continue until I return to school Jan 2cd or 3rd. Then comes the funk as I call it. I just cannot seem to get motivated until Spring break around April. I have even begun small decoration for St. Patricks Day and Easter just to not have a dark yard. One thing that does help is my wife and I leave out one Christmas decoration all year and change it from year to year. It started by accident, noticing jingle bells on the curtain rods in June. Now we do it on purpose. This year we left our mistle toe up by our foyer. Long story not so short, yes I feel your pain.

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First off, I am not a doctor, I don't play one on TV and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

Post holiday depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is pretty well documented. Lack of sunlight, lack of fresh air and add a little cabin fever and you get down. On the other hand, sometimes it is just boredom. All the fun of the holidays have passed. Sometimes, it is a little of both.

If you are seriously down and depressed, you should consult a doctor.

Otherwise, some things that you can do:

Get a Sun Lamp

Take a vitamin D supplement

Read (turn off the TV)


As Christmas nut suggested, work on your display.

I decided a long time ago to be too busy to be depressed.

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Try the following:

1. Purchase daylight bulbs that put out the sun spectrum

2. Video your display so you can spend Jan and Feb editing and posting and watching the results of your work

3. Start looking at new ideas for your next display so you can be ready when the bug causes setup fever to set in

4. Don't make your signifgant other share too much of this if they are not into it! :P

5. Plan and write some stories about what you did for PlanetChristmas Magazine

All good things to get you through the down side - time flies so doing the above soon brings you to OMG how will I get all the new lights up before you can say "Of Course Santa is Real"

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