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I have it up and running now for a little bit so you can see it a bit at night.

I was out in the driveway a few hours ago making a portable subpanel and my neighbor came up and asked what I was doing. I told him I was getting ready for Christmas and working on my power needs. He thought it was pretty cool and then said him and his wife were in their backyard and thought my house was on fire because they could see a bright light flashing from the window. After they realized it was not a fire they were wondering what TV show I was watching that was flashing so much. :laughing:

I explained to him what it was and brought him into the house to show him my 3 trees with 3,000 lights. He thought it was pretty cool and said he can't wait to see it at christmas time.

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JR V wrote:

Very cool. Can it work thou if you already host your own website? For instance I host 2 web sites already, so if you type in my IP address then you go to my bussiness site v3dd.com, but I also host lights4christ.com on the same computer and IP address. So I wonder if there is a way to set one of those up also, but I think it would have to a sublink from one of my websites already. Any ideas?

Yeah you can have it on another site. You can create your own page and then just drop it in so you can customize that page however you want.

You can not share the same IP address as your computer since it is a dedicated web cam. It needs its own IP address or you need to do port forwarding through your router (that is what I am doing)

Of course you need a high speed dedicated connection to your house. When you have a DSL, Cable, or other High Speed line, they usually give you 1 public IP address. Your router then uses this public ip address and then allows all the computers in your house (even if it is one) to talk through it. To have an outside connection (a person trying to view the web cam) talk to a device on the private side of your network (the web cam) you need to set up port forwarding on your router, to talk to the port on your web cam (I am using port 81 and that is why you see it as - If you don't do the :81 then it will go to port 80 which is the default port all web servers use.

So the address is really my router and not the web cam. It then forwards that port to my web cam that is ip address on the private side of my network.

If you already have a web cam or a computer with a video capture card, you can use software to do this same thing (acutally there is more features using a computer instead of a dedicated web cam). There is a lot of software out there. www.webcamxp.com is a good one.

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Zac_Cutt wrote:

VERY nice!


P.S. I think it is going from light to dark because the colors are changing so rapidly. Once out in you yard it should be fine. Too close to them now.

P.P.S. I can see you're arm now LOL

Yeah it is lighting up my room pretty good. 3,000 Mini lights.

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