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Rhode Island 2012 Displays!

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Hey there fellow Rhode Islanders! Hope everyone had a great summer and is now starting to think about the holiday season! Best of luck to all of you...and I cant wait to see everyones display this year!

My name is Tyler, Im over in Coventry and Ive been putting up my LOR display for 7 years...Im 21 years old and have 64 channels with 60,000 lights for this year!

My major addition to my display this year will be a massive Polar Express display!

Last years news story.


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Nice - wish I had gotten into this years ago - I am in year 3 - started with around 3,400 lights, went to 15,300 last year and trying to get 30,000 up this year with 42 channels and 2 CCR - since you do this each year you should get a website going if you don't have one yet.

Mine is www.crazytechchristmas.com - I am in Southern Mass - will have to try and visit your display this year. good luck

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Hey Tyler, my name is Paul and I am in Smithfield, right up the road from you, but everything in Rhode Island is "right up the road".

I am also using LOR and have been for the past 5 years with 144 channels. This years addition is an 8 CCR tree and 5 CCB's for the roof line. If I have the time (which most of us don't) I would like too swap out the LED's around the windows and door for RGB lighting, along with RGB spots (floods).

By the way, very nice news story!

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Hi everyone,

My name is Howard and I live in Warwick. This will be our 5th year with LOR. Last year we had about 30,000 lights on 272 channels. This year we will be adding a couple of star bursts, another multicolor wreath (RGBW on individual channels), and more trees (also RGBW). I have two more LOR controllers that I bought during the spring LOR sale that I have to assemble so I can go up to 304 channels this year. We will probably have 35,000 or so lights.

We plan to look at the other LOR displays around the state this year.


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