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Where To Buy Wiper Motors?

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MOnsterguts is a new motor with guarantees. i have a monterguts mototr on my rocking mrs claus and has been running strong for 3 years now. I like monsterguts wiper motors.

ok thanks Scot, do you have to gear them down or anything? Would a 12 Volt DC train transformer be enough to power them? I am guessing if it goes too fast on 12v i can use the throttle control to slow it up? I am in the experimenting mode. I did like your rocking chair Mrs. Clause, I was not sure who made it but I remembered seeing it and I thought "wow pretty good idea".
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Guest Scot Meyers

  • No the Monsterguts motors are tough. I use a 9vdcwall wart to bring down the speed and it works great. now im not saying to go from 12vdc to 6 vdc. remember the less voltage supplied the hotter the moter gets to work. i only stepped down 4vdc. and Like i said works great. this will be my 4th year with mrs clause in the santa scene. and i have been very Impressed. I am looking at Monster gut motors to power my ice skating pond discs.

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I worked at a junk yard, and we didn't charge labor to pull a wiper motor, it would already be pulled, and ready to sell, I'd ask about a warranty, why buy something and save a buck, and if it does quits they won't replace, my 2 cents, for a few dollars more, I'd buy new.

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