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Led Spotlights, How Do They Look?

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I use RGB/LED floods and spots. Both from Seasonal Entertainment (http://www.seasonalentertainmentllc.com/store/en/36-lighting-devices)

I got 2 flood kits and 3 mini-spot kits. I use the 2 floods on the white garage door (16ft x 8ft) and they cover it very nicely. I use the mini-spots to highlight small palm tree (7ft). All do well. Remember- how a flood or spot light will look really depends on what you're lighting up. Darker surfaces will take more light for a desired effect than a lighter surface. Colored surfaces will take some experimentation to get close to the desired effect. Might be an idea to borrow a flood/spot and play around a bit.

"black LED string light" - are you referring to LED lights with black wire or black(ultra-violet) LED lights. I've never seen either(not that they aren't out there) I have used dark green wire LED strings on my gutter line. You can see them easily in the day but tend to disappear at night (IMHO)

Good Luck,

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Humm, a purple bulb is purple colored but a black bulb is just OFF.......(jus' saying...)

Just really depends on what mood/effect you are trying to convey. For Halloween a few purple strings about could give a "mysterious/creepy" feeling. For Xmas I think purple could be easily integrated into a sequence/show. To some purple could have a religious meaning, to others, purple just doesn't have the Xmas "feeling"

To each their own... I can't imagine a purple string just by itself.

Pictures when you decide what to do would be nice to share!

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