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Wizards In Winter 8 Chan Arch Sequence?

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Sure. Check out the 2011 videos on my webpage and see if that is an arch sequence you can use.


My email is on there also. I would be happy to send you any sequence. The 2010 arches were 9 channels each so you probably cannot use those without some edits. 2011 were 8 channels each. You are welcome to any.

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has anyone done arches to i am santa clause by bob rivers its on twisted christmas need a sequence for 8 chan arch also looking for christmas eve (sarajevo) by tso trying to get shows done and no time doing work 7 day. so any arch sequences would be helpfull wona do my play list with arches being i have them to use.

also have rgb floods and no time to get in order . trying to get the news this year twice if lucky made it in halloween so its a good start i guess. being thats my first time threw my show years.

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