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I'll Take this up this year.

Thanks Dale W for doing it last year.

Email me your name and address. [email protected]

I will prepare the list in word and pdf it for labels-

NOTE - I'd like to do the Christmas Card Exchange a little differently this year in that I would like to include users from the following groups:

Light-O-Rama Forums

Facebook User Group Light-O-Rama Users

Facebook User Group Extreme Pixels & LEDS

If you have another group that you'd like to add to the list to get a MEGA-Christmas Card Exchange going, let me know!

Everybody that wants to participate should reply below. For privacy, email me ([email protected]) your:


email address that works with attachments


Mailing address:

Are you okay with being on the MEGA List?

I'll post this to the other groups mentioned above and Merry Christmas!!

Nick Watkins

Lights For Riley

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I'll chime in here also, last year was different then the previous years. Up till last year you had the choice to receive the full list or the half list. And we also accounted for if you want to ship international or not. So usually the full list ran around 20-40 ppl. And usually 2/3 took the full list and most shipped international as that is usally max 5 ppl.

I personally would keep PC a seperate list since not everone is on the other boards and vice versa. Always nice when you know the ppl you get the card from, but that's just my 2 cents.

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I'll put in my 2 cents also... :)

I have been a part of this for several years now and the list gets shorter each year. BUT... I also agree that if the list gets too long it will turn some folks away. I would offer a complete list and also a list of just the individual forums.

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I'm in, no matter how you do the list. I enjoy sending cards to other countries. I hope they get them in a timely fashion.

I decorate with all the cards I get. And it is wonderful to get all those cheery greetings each day. Some of the cards are really well thought out and unique.

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I emailed him through his website on Monday and he said he only had about a dozen people signed up and the thought he'd cancel it this year. I told him I was happy with the 12. He said he'd repost on PC to see if he got more responses, but it doesn't appear he has done so. MAybe if more people emailed him he'd get us the list.

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