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Hello everybody,

I"ve been digging around on here for a few days and cant find any helpful info. We bought a new house last year and went from vinyl siding to aluminum. I've got hundreds of clips that I bought at menards that worked excellent for the vinyl. The problem Im having now is the clips will not slide uner the aluminum siding. Just curious if anybody has found some sort of a clip to fit under the laps? I dont want to drill holes nor do I want to spend a fortune on suction cup clips. Any help would would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Comman hooks fell off my aluminum siding last year. This year I am building a PVC system. I am going to attach PVC on the fascia under my gutters and then at the bottom of the hourse where the siding starts. The lights will run verticle from one piece of PVC to the other top to bottom. I will iether secure the lights to the PVC using zip ties or cup hooks.

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