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Shutdown By The City! Joysey Lights Dark In 2012

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I read it was $5,000 per DAY. A little too steep for making other people happy. I'm so glad you found a new home for it away from the neighbors. Now go throw a block party, don't attend and have them all get fined $5,000 apiece. ;-) Just kidding.

That gives me an idea...

Secretly setup your light display overnight in the front yard of the neighbor that complained. :)

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I'm actually working with an art gallery/garden to move my display there.

Hmmm.. I would be tempted to make sure it was a art gallery/garden one city over....so they do not get the increased tax revenue the show would bring in at those shops. How is that for some Christmas spririt? LOL

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It sounds to me like you can submit an application, just like a building permit, and possibly be approved. I thought the wording was such also, that as long as you don't publicize and have very specific event dates, along with council approval of your plan, you could still go through with it.

Meanwhile, I am shocked the media has not jumped all over this. Normal neighbors can usually come to some consensus... Brad Boyink (Holiday Road) has had similar issues with the neighbors in the past years, mostly because of the traffic. He was allowed to shorten his show and something like the week before Christmas, it was a static display. The following year he was allowed to do just about anything because so many people in the city complained and I believe the city came through with traffic control aid.

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What a bunch of reindeer poo - this is what happens when people stand by and let too many puffed up would be dictators to be elected, you really need to consider what others have suggested, move it to another town and contact all the press you can about how they pushed you out.

What next, a limit on how long you can let your kids play outside? Sounds far fetched, but like letting a camel put it's nose under the tent, the rest of the camel follows.

Fight now or they will come back for more later, telling people how to live is the only joy the city toads enjoy, put the light of the press on them and see what happens. If your display can't run in your own yard then you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

Good luck with whatever you chose to do this year.

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Things like this can be fought but by the time a decision is made to rectify the by law christmas 2015 will have come and gone.

City council moves slower than maple syrup going uphill in the middle of winter. That is untill its something they want.

The neighbours that started this should be ashamed of themselves. They should pull their heads out of their rear ends and realize they are just bitter people

who are not just hurting you but everyone else who looks forward to your display.

I hope you have just as much fun setting up in a park as you did at your own home.


Saint John NB

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That is absolutely heartbreaking, and I struggle to understand neighbours who would go to the extent of having something like a light show shut down.


I hope something can be done about this - as others have said, I personally, would publicise what has happened, however if you prefer to move it, I wish you luck with a smooth transition on that :)

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I was thinking, who are you doing this for, yourself, the city council or your (nice) neighbors. It sounds like you're angry with the city council but are gong to take it out on the neighbors. I think that you should talk to the Mayor and work it out so that you could set it up in a park. Free electricity, lots of land and potentially more people can enjoy it.

Then I read your post about the gallery offering space so it's probably moot.

Good Luck and Merry Christmas... anyway.

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