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Home Depot Light Trade In?

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Just did a search & found this on HD site:

In addition, on November 5, The Home Depot begins its second annual Eco Options Christmas Light Trade In event. Customers can bring in their old working or non-working holiday light strings to be recycled and receive a $3 off coupon towards the purchase of energy efficient seasonal light-emitting diodes (LED) string lights. Customers must purchase their new LED lights between November 5 and November 15 and are limited to five redemptions. This event will also be valid at all The Home Depot U.S. stores.

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you may want to go to home depot facebook page and play the zombie mulch game where you win 5 off 5, 10 off 10, and 15 off 15 dollar coupons that are good for lawn and garden BUT i can confirm they are good on Christmas lights do it now as people have hacked the game and are getting hundreds of coupons

get your kids to play the game they enjoy it and you save some cash

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I'm not big into LED yet. But Could walk in with 5 sets of incands and walk out with $10 worth of LEDS free? Now That sounds to good to be true, Right?
Thats what im thinking.

So if u take 5 sets do u have to buy 5 new led sets? I wish i had some old non working lights all mine work lol 3.00 seems like rip off for good working lights

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they sell the old lights to a recycler, probably for the copper wire inside.

The sale is $3 off the Holiday brand of LEDs, $4 off the Martha Stewart and one of the GE brands, and $5 off the GE Energy Smart.

Basically the more the lights cost, the more you get off per box.

Plus if you have a 50% off coupon, that's great, too.

As of today, none of their lights are on sale. Sale plus Coupons plus trade in would be fabulous if we can get it.

I checked with Lowes, they won't take HD coupons.

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