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How To Make Trees And Gift Boxes?

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I know of two ways to make gift boxes. The first one is a box frame made of pvc. Once the frame is made you can then cover the frame with lights, or the whole thing. Make a bow for the top out of wired ribbon (outdoor) that you can buy at most craft stores.

The other way is with coroplast. Here, you can use political signs to save $$. Hang out at your local Voting Precint on Election day right about 7:00 p.m when the polls close. There will be a lot of coroplast political signs and the H wires that stick in the ground for the taking. I just ask the local sing wavers if they want their signs, and most say no. so I take as many as I can fit in the car. You can connect these into a box shape by drilling holes in the edges and cable tie them together. Paint them black first, then when it dries, paint them black. You'll need to do that to cover all the lettering. Then Paint the color you want, such as red or green. I use outdoor wire ribbon to make the bows. THen I use spotlights on these so they show up nicely. They also make great covers to HIDE your light controllers. I cut some of the H wires to make hook-stakes to hold them into the ground.

Trees made of pvc or coro? You can draw out a tree on 10 mill coro and cut it out with a jigsaw. Paint and use rebar to hold it in the ground. If you use 4 mill coro, it will bend in the wind. If you are placing the tree onto your house, then you can get away with the 4 mill coro. Use a dremel or heated awl to put holes around the edge of the coro to add lights. I use short cable ties on the 10 mill to hold the lights in place. I use Krylon for Plastic spray paint. I hope this is helpful.

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