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How Is Your Setup Coming?

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Lots of setbacks this year.

I broke ribs in October, still can't be climbing or lifting much. Something about higher danger of puncturing a lung.

Did not look the whole situation over when I decided to buy 2 D'light controllers last year, so it turns out there is more to that than I thought. Finally got firmware updated and everything figured out then the computer crashed.

Spent too much time trying to fix that. Finally decided to use my laptop which is blinky but has been fine for a week or so and just save to a thumb drive often.

Decided today that I had better upgrade the software and was going to spend the weekend getting sequences together.

Did not realize that the email that I bought the software on is different than the paypal email, succeeded in making a huge mess of that that it is going to take a person to fix during regular business hours.

As though that wasn't bad enough, decided to download the demo to look it all over. Misunderstood the demo situation lol

Can't sequence at all this weekend. Need to go shop for more lights, and supplies, have a sick child...

Now shooting for Dec 1.

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Still have a fair share to do. Have several ethernet cords to make, and test 4 more controllers, have tested 6 so far and all are working thus far. Going to wire up what I can this weekend and see how that goes! hopefully things continue to push forward with light up coming soon! (projected December 8 or before!)

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