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C9 Lights On Tree

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I was in a mall the other day and noticed they have incandescent c9 lights in their artificial trees. I have a large tree in my home (10 feet) and was looking to brighten it up. Is it safe to use c9 incandescent bulbs on an artificial tree?

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for the sake of mentioning something cool...I saw a Mythbusters episode where they bundled 10 C9 strands together into one massive string and put it on a dry, real tree. It never came close to catching on fire. That was a fun episode. haha

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C9s are for outdoor *and* commercial-scale Christmas displays like the large wreaths, trees and other installations you'll see in public places... both indoors and out.
I personally wouldn't use C9 until a 15 foot tree that was at least 7 foot diameter at the base.
You want the ornaments, bulbs and tree to maintain distinct size ratios with each other. Bulbs as big as or bigger than your smallest ornaments won't look right.

Since you're using an artificial tree, I'd be very careful - who knows what you have. The manufacturer is your best bet for information.

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