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Turing 5-Light Pathway Markers Into Single Lights

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I'm thinking of turning some pathway lights into individuals light strings. These are typically 5-light (C7) strings. I'd like to do this so that I could put each light on its own channel so that I can animate them.

What do I need to do in order not to blow the bulb up when doing this? I would assume that a single C7 light plugged into a regular 110v power source would blow the bulb.

These are the lights I'm talking about...


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Have already done just that about 4 or 5 seasons ago.


U have the same pathway lights. Took out the old wiring and made my own wiring harness. I used 15 channels to make for a longer chase which is evident in the video.

I used SPT2 wire. Ran 15 strands around the perimiter of my lawn. Used Vampire C7 sockets at 30 foot intervals so there is only 4 or 5 lamps on each channel. Started subsequent light placements at 2 foot intervals (30 feet between each socket but offset by 2 feet for each channel) the result is a length of pathway lights on 15 seperate curcuits. I used zip ties to bundle the strands together and they do make a rather large "ganglion" or wires but it is very managable. Easy to do but lots of SPT2 wire.


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Something like that is exactly what I want to do... although I'm not sure I have enough strands, and I don't know if Home Depot is still selling them. I'd like to maybe put each color on its own channel, but be able to line the yard like that.

When you were putting yours together, did you have a lot of problems getting the plastic bulbs to snap shut or the holders tearing up?

So I envision outlining the yard with them, and then putting north poles and leaping arches behind them... think that would be too much?


Never Mind - I see your leaping arches behind them. SWEET!

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I did have to shop around to acquire enough sets to outline the yard. I have each color on a seperate channel. With 15 channels: channels #1, #6, and #11 are red... channels #2, #7 and #13 are yellow...and so on.

I did not have to take plastic "bulbs" apart to do this but the bases for the bulb have to open. The tabs used to hold them shut DO break sometimes but 2 out if 3 still hold it shut. Better to bring to room temp before fiddling with them. One base I broke all 3 tabs. Green duct tape works well and NO ONE notices.


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