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Add More lights to an inflatable

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Ok I just got this inflatable from an online vender

I inflated it today to try it out and it looks great!

I have a question though. Lights are only run in the manger part so at night the middle part is all dark. Have others added more lights to their inflatables to really make it glow? I tried putting some minis in the baby Jesus and it worked well but there really is not a way to have the lights stay around the face of Joseph and Mary.

Right now I am just thinking of having a white spot light it up from the front.

Any Ideas?


(Image used with permission)

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I believe this has been brought up before over at MHD and some people say that they use the mini lights with no problems at all! Where you can sew on the material maybe you can sew a loop to the material where you would want the lights to be and connect the light cord with a simple twist tie! and if you don't want to go to all that trouble maybe if you put the spotlight to the backside of the manger it would work to show the figures a little better then putting it in the front. Let us know how it comes out! Hope this helps

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I use mini lights and safety pins...I'm too lazy to sew...lol...some of my larger inflatable have as many as 300 lights added...

Go in at your zipper and work your way through to the ares you want lights...sometimes you may have to carefully make a hole...just make sure you only make a small opening...

Find the top of the area you want lights(Joesph's head) and there will be a seam where it was sewn....take your safety pin and attache to the seam and thread the female end....repeat...female end of your mini lights onto your pin...and begin to work your way out and around...use more safety pins to tack lights in different areas...

And make sure you leave enough slack for the inflatable to have sufficent room to inflate without tugging the lights..

Best advice...always use some caution and common sense...but don't be afraid of it...it's hard to mess up an inflatable...

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neworder wrote:

I went ahead and changed the photo. Not sure why this online vendor would not want people to post their pictures since it is free advertising. Thanks for the tip I will not post their images any more on the board.

Neworder I don't think Tim would mind if you used his photo I just believe that with many copyright andinfringements ( if I'm saying this right) could cause trouble for someone who wouldn't or doesn't have permission to use said photos. This way the forum here would be protected and so would the poster if None of the watermark pictures were used at all! I know I have used Tim's pic's with the watermark and he didn't have any problem with it at all. That is just what I think Chuck is trying to say here,but like you I have been wrong before but only maybe once.


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Guest Bob_Moody

I had one of the 4' halloween pumpkins. Its an indoor model and it didnt have any lights.

I back lit it with a yellow flood. As you can see, it works very well.

I've also used the minis secured with saftey pins.. both methods work very well.

-- Bob


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