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Red Led Set Out

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Put up the mega tree friday and everything was working. we hooked up the lights today to the boxes and 1 set will not light at all. We plugged them into power first so I know which set is which channel and they never worked. I was wondering what could possibly cause this. I think we have a pole long enough to take the set down and look at it, but I'm ot sure why it would not work now and it worked great when we set it up. I'm HOPING we can find some critter decided to much on the wire a little and it's an easy fix like that, but if not what else could cause an entire set to not work all of a sudden? Biggest problem is I have no spare sets, so I'm really hoping we can fix this easily, otherwise not sure what I'll do.


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Cutting out a LED and splicing the set back together will increase the current for the remaining LEDs and could shorten their life (this is true of incandescent minis as well). However, I have put about 1000 hours on a string after I cut out a defective LED and it still works fine, with no detectable loss of brightness. YMMV

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