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Where To Find A Good Timer

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Maybe U could just hire the neighbor kid to plug and unplug every 15 min :):o:excl:

Sorry I just couldn't resist......I really tried :wub:

I think what your looking for would be more in the Industral world thats not your common Lowes or HD variety.........I would check out someone like Graingers.

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I have the same problem.

I want to run my music show and then take a break to show off the lights

in a regular sequence.

Home Depot sell a very nice Electronic 15amp weatherproof timer.

About $17 each. In a nice large black case.

Plugs into the outlet and you'll have 2 outlets out.

2 outlet and you can program down to the minute.

I have programed my music show for 22 minutes at the top & bottom of the hour,

then all my other light turn on after the show for 8 minutes.,

Hope this helps


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Looks nice but says indoor use only?

8im in need of a timer also but its going to be outdoors

I used a cheap one out on my porchfor halloween on days iwasnt home seemed to work okay

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