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Mr Christmas ? About How Many Lites Per

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Okay i didnt use it any last yr so i forget what is the safe number to plug into its 3 strands per channel right? End to end.

But can you plug another into the top of another at the unit or out on the end?

I did plug a 3 way drop cord to channel 6.and have another drop cord ran from that to two stands petty sure always done this w.o issue but this yr have bigger yard and the gf wants everything to dance.... guess its time to buy another mr christmas box lol

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I use the GE sound and lights and have been for many years and PUSH it too the max...the only thing I have done to mine is a bigger fuse...This year I'm doing all rope lights so far 500 boxes..my house is done and it has two sounds and lights boxes on it with a 100 boxes of clear on one and a 100 boxes of red on the other..I thing it look bad lol

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oh I will have 500 boxes of rope lights added this years..which are all new and the trash guys are wondowing what with all these boxes lol

Are those Incandecent bulbs in those rope lights? Assuming 100 lights per string that is 50,000 bulbs
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