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Let See Your Choir Display!


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One of my favorite pieces in christmas displays are the choir people. So I thought I would start this thread where people can post pictures of their choir display. I would like to see the different displays people have. I just started decorating and did my choir display first. This is for my display for 2012. Look forward to seeing all of yours. happy decorating!L

love it

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Thank You.

Sometimes I wish the yard was smaller though - LOL.  It seems like it never has enough out there for my wants to cover it!


I did my set up different 2 years ago and had the bleachers together with things and the mega tree was off to the side.  I had more of the molds out for this as well.

Tough to reach a nice balance with them.

If Publishers Clearing House would just bring that check up, I could get this all done nicely.  LOL

Looks very awesome!  Thanks for sharing! 

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Mine is nowhere as big as the others shown (I've only been collecting molds since March) but I LOVE it!


Nice Michael,


We all started with just one of these crazy plastic people and then it just takes over and you can't stop it seems.  LOL

I wanted to get some Beco and some Poloron choir people but I got so carried away with all molds that it got out of hand quickly (and I went broke - LOL).  But I still keep my eyes open for any when I go places just in case.

It is fun to see them and the people love the characters in a display so keep right on collecting them.


Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas

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...Haven't been on this site for awhile...and when I was I visited as an observer......

   For fun I thought I'd "come out" and share my passion with you guys...

   I too, have enjoyed the hobby of Blow Molds...and Yes, somewhere down the line the Poloron line

   became my Favorites......

...Lately, I'm in the position of possibly moving and downsizing and have listed these "Blows" for sale.

   Hope you get a chuckle out of this.....I'm getting many calls on them, but can't seem to call anyone

   back for fear that I might sell.........I know you understand..........Whew!!!

...Hope you enjoy the pics...






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Thanks Elaine and Scotty, the building used to be used for our town's Santa house, however when a different group took over the santa house they didnt want to use the lil building anymore so i borrow it and put my choir in it :) -it was originally built for 3 big polorn choir kids but the smaller ones work nicely in there too... 

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