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Hot Glue Is Amazing!


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  • 4 months later...

I just renewed my love for hot glue. This weekend, I used it on sheet metal, I used it on brick I used on plastic. It worked amazingly.

I was able to glue my lights to the brick on my house. Since it was cold, it god hard very quickly. Just amazing!!!!!

I have a large supply of hot glue sticks at all times.  I use it mainly, as you did, to attach my lights to the house (brick).  I used Hot Glue and Twist Ties (they're free in the produce section).  I put a glob on the wall, center the twist tie in the glob, 5 mins later, lights secured.  My twist ties are brown, so they blend in with the house and I don't have to rip them off at the end of the show.


HOWEVER, I was very disappointed with hot glue last season.  I purchased several Holiday Coro Elements and assembled them according to David's instruction videos.  Everything is secured with hot glue.  After about 3 weeks, the hot glue began to let go of the coro and disaster....  I ended up removing ALL the hot glue from all the elements (with rubbing alcohol) and going with clear gorilla glue and zip ties.  It actually works better, if I need to get into one of the elements, cut a zip tie or two and viola, versus 1/2 the day removing hot glue.


Still, I use hot glue on a LOT of projects.

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