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Finally got my giant reindeer completed. It is a Winfield pattern. It is 15 feet high. My 10 year old grandson is in the picture to give some perspective of the height. It took 3 of us to set it up. I have 2 guy wires attached to the antlers. One side is connected to the porch on the house and the other is anchored to the ground. I have also attached round stakes on the back legs for additional stability.


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Your deer looks awesome!  I've made one for this year.  Do you have an recommendations for anchoring down the deer?  How did the antlers get damaged?  Any advice on securing the antlers?  Trying to avoid any problems if I can.  Thanks!  You should really try the sleigh.  Made a sleigh this year also.  Just put it together before painting it to make sure that all of the pieces would fit.  So far so good.

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Not real sure how the antlers got damaged by the wind.  I probably shoud have put some guy wires on the actual antlers as well as the base of the antlers.  The wind was whipping those antlers around.  I am on top of a hill and get a lot of wind.  I thought about permanently attaching the antlers to their base using metal angle connectors or brackets.  ( I can't remember what they are called).  The antlers twisted in the winds.

I attached stakes to the legs as well as using guy wires.  Maybe I needed more guy wires.

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