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C9 Strobes & Light String

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Earlier this year I gave building my own strobe cords with SPT-2 wire a try. Unfortunately, my patience level wore thin as some of the sockets wouldn't work, yet the strobe lights would. So, I decided to purchase a string of 25 C9 Incandescent lights and screw in the strobe lights. Now, I purchased 10 strobes for this year. I've been putting one strobe in every third socket (yes, I understand there are extras). The other sockets get the bulb taken out just enough so it doesn't light, then it's electrical taped.

After I finished this, I plugged in the lights only to see that 2 out of the 10 strobes worked. Here's the weird part: when I plugged the non-lighting strobes into one of the few sockets in my home-made cord that worked, the strobes worked. Yet when I plugged them into a socket in the purchased string where a working strobe was, it still wouldn't light. I tested the string before I pulled out the lights and they all worked.

My question is, when I'm disconnecting a regular light, is the flow of energy being cut off for the next few bulbs? Or is something else causing the strobes not to work? Any and all answers are welcome. Thanks in advance!

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I have had to "SLIGHTLY" bend out the metal tabs inside the sockets in order for them to make contact with the strobe. The strobe bottoms out against the socket before the contact at the base of the strobe reaches it's contact point inside the socket. As stated before...make sure line us not plugged in when you so this.

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If u still want to give your spt 2 sockets a try, I found channel lock pliers to be very helpful getting the base to clamp onto the wire. Slow consistent pressure did the trick. Agree tho it is difficult. I second what is above about your c9 strand.

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