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2012 Christmas, Such As It Is

hoyt clagwell

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Well, kids, I really wanted to go farther with Christmas this year than last, but family issues have kept me to 45-50% of where I otherwise would've been. Here it is:

The first shot is of the Nativity, with some extra stuff.


One constraint I had this year is that our landscape guy shaved the width of our lawn and replaced it with some other plantings, incuding prairie grasses. That meant that when the Nativity went up, I quickly found out there was WAY less width to work with. So I noticed that some of my angels had praying hands and the like, but that others were singing along with hymnals or playing horns or harps. Thus was born the angel choir:


I like it; I've never done this choir thing before, so for me it looks fine. Sure, it's small, but....

Next, let's do a closeup of the Nativity itself. Alert observers might notice two NONtraditional animals. (Next year there will be three). Also, the baby Jesus' guardian angel is playing a harp but ISN'T in the choir. I figure our Lord and Savior deserves a little private music no one else can hear.


The Nativity went up first. There was no way I would skimp on the Nativity. Next thing up was on the other side of the yard: the penguins. I STILL haven't had a chance to repair their igloo, so they are still on a road trip. Unfortunately, they hit a telephone pole:


In between the Nativity and the penguins, I filled in with my lanterns, my Santa head collection, and a couple of extras:


In between, i had thought perhaps that I would add my snowman collection. Main problem with that is that I usually display it as a highly compressed choir, with a tiny Santa conducting. Wait! I already HAVE a choir (of angels). So, what to do with all those snowmen? Well, to save a TON of time, I did what I like to call the Snowman Museum. Several discrete displays of snowmen, arranged all across the yard, sort of showing the "History" of blow mold snowmen. Now, purists, please forgive me, because if I got some of my categories wrong, it's my own ignorance. But here are the displays in the Snowman Museum:

Here are the Union snowmen:


Next over are the four Grand Venture snowmen that I have. Are there other others? Who knows? Who cares? This is what I have for you!


Next over are all the clowns! Yes, some of them are actual clowns, and some of them are derby hat snowmen, but how many of you have seen derby hat snowmen advertised on craigslist as "clown" snowmen?


Next over rate the Drainage Industries snowmen.


Continued, next post!

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Next are all the snowmen I have with shovels ( who would've thought that brooms were FAR more popular among snowmen than shovels.) Maybe they are all secretly witches, or Hogwarts students. Shovel snowmen:


Here are all the Bumpies I have:


Here are all my snowmen by Union that are like the Hollywood or Magenta or Sunshine snowman:


Next are the Union and GF snowmen some people call "Swifty":


Here are the leftover Empire molds:


Next over are the Santa's Best snowmen:


Next over are the "miscellaneous" snowmen: sure, one's a Poloron, one's a Beco, two are from GF, but who made the others? I don't have time to check. So, here they are:7B19532F-3120-4C88-9168-2408664F5545-13071-00000D10339A67FB.jpg

Next, TPI only:


I hope y'all enjoy some of this. Remember, family commitments have made me cut back by half or more. FORGIVE ME, please!

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Guest Blowmold Magic

Always looks great Hoyt! I had the same deal this year, wanted to do more, but just wasen't able to. I have learned not to stress, what gets done gets done, only the decorator knows if it's not complete, and the way we 'overdo' it, visitors think it's complete. LOL

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